Is Day Trading a gambling….?

YES for 80% traders


NO for 20% traders

  • Its a gambling when trader does not have approach 
  • Its a gambling, if traders do not stop when they lose money and try to recover those losses.
  • its a gambling when a trader increase his risk to recover losses fast.
  • Its a gambling when he have a mood shift and feels good on winning and feels down on losing.
  •  Its a gambling when  trader trades with a capital which can not afford to lose. 
  • Pro trader does not look for black box trading system, he constantly improves his system.
  • Pro trader trade based on his predefined strategy and set of rules 
  • pro trader keeps his risk in control.
  • pro trader stick to his rules,
  • pro trader takes his losses fast and moves on.
  • pro trader learn his lesson and never chase losses.
  • pro trader avoid impulsive decision making and maintain high level of discipline. 

If you find your self in 80% of the above descriptions , we request you to stop trading, take a break and rethink what you are doing and consult professional for help.

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