No matter what you have been learned, the emotions that you brought into trading CANNOT bring you success in trading. In fact, it will drag u down and lock you into more failure and deeper financial troubles.


with all that training and knowledge you gained and when you are ready to achieve your trading dreams. After learning this stuff and you worked hard. when You assume that you are ready to win and grow wealth with great Confidence and you put your money on the realtime trading . when the money is real, Suddenly your trading mind is hacked and you spin out of emotional control. Trying harder next time simply does not help. Despite your best efforts, something is missing that blocks you from achieving the success you know that it is very much possible. But nobody is talking. And maybe, just maybe, you do not want to hear that the problem is you and your emotional brain.
There is a gap between your dreams and the reality of trading that you did not know is there. Nobody told you how to deal with your emotional nature and the brain on trading. And your brain refuses to see what it does not want to see. It’s the tight-lipped secret that nobody (including you) wants to talk and address about.
Except those people who really, really want trading success.

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