Day Trading Mindset

Any trading strategy is only about probabilities like winning streaks and losing streaks and averages of all those trades result are important. As a full time trader we should not bother about the outcome of one or two trades. In this game of probability all we have to do is protect our trading capital and that should be our main priority. If we overly exposing ourself and with a bad risk management we will blow up our capital sooner or later…..

I personally believe , minimizing exposure is the best way to go, when we do day-trading. I suggest that reducing our exposure will help us in reducing pressure we might feel while trading, however if we have trading strategy with risk management, will help us to get regular consistent results in long run , only thing is that we have to execute our trading strategy every time again and again and again. thats it……….

Trading strategy that must be tested and that should get odds in our favor. It removes emotions from trading. a trader following a strategy always knows what to do what ever the market does. when a trader don’t have strategy tries to make decisions in the live market and become emotionally attached to his positions. that may experience him into panic decisions when markets go against and does not move in his favor, b-cause he has not prepared response to market move.

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      if u r serious to learn and dedicate ur time then u r
      welcome to jungle of daytrading. in this jungle u will have lots of adventures ,risks , fear and excitement if u r prepared for all this, then as co- daytrader with an experience of 13 years in the market with all the above factors, i will try my best to share all the survival skills what i know, but the end u have survive on your own.
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