Bulls vs Bears & Ballot box Day

No doubt it is going to be a busy day for trader, investors, and fund mangers. Complicated chartpatterns for traders. nerve wracking tensions for investors and fund manger while watching their portfolios.

For any day traders before jumping into a trade one must understand his risk appetite and should know that it will be roller coaster ride and prepare for that. These wild swings can kick you out of markets for ever. But the good news is that as volatility increases, the potential to make more money more quickly also increases. The bad news is that as volatility increases so does risk also. To put it in simply terms , if you are on the right side of a move during a volatile period you generate above-average profit within a below average period of time. Unfortunately, if things go the other way in a volatile market environment, you may also run the risk of losing a great deal of capital within a relatively short period of time.

Many traders get caught up in media noise and end up in buy or sell at the peaks or bottom of the trend. Active monitoring of a trend is very important for navigating the changing tides of the volatile market swings , for individual traders it can be critical to manage the impulses behavior for buying and selling. so join our day traders club and trade along with professional traders.

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