How To Simplify And Improve Your Performance In Trading

Day trading can be relaxing, it need not to be a stressful,

To reduce stress, and make your trading experience as regular pleasant  business, you need to work on few things.

When you daytrade, your entire focus should be on your strategy. Avoid listening to the business news channels there  information will distract you from your strategy . Their  opinions can causing you to take a trade that is not a  part of your strategy, or make you to skip the trade you should take.

you can trade in single stock with multiple  trading strategies  or u can  trade in  multiple stocks with single strategy. Its upto you as a traders how well versed with u r trading systems and risk appetite.


Every one of you can improve  trading 

when you trade with the trend and

Treat your trading as a business, Have enough capital, Understand your expenses, Understand the math of risk management, Only you have to  risk a small percentage of your capital on a single trade. Only enter a trade if  that trade is part of a trading plan  or a trading strategy or you have previously tested and You must have a stop loss, You must have a profit target or other plan for exiting with profit. Never ever “double down”  or add to a losing trade or move your stop loss order.

Stick to your rules.


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